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Bathroom furniture set "Fynn", Oak/Anthracite, 3 parts, Vicco


Product number: 425142194128105

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Product information "Bathroom furniture set "Fynn", Oak/Anthracite, 3 parts, Vicco"
  • Make a good decision with our Set with sink base cabinet, Fynn. Its stylish look and optimal design suit any home!
  • This Bathroom cabinet set offers ample storage space and can be combined with other sets from the Fynn collection. Additional objects are available to supplement the set.
  • DIMENSIONS: The bathroom set has 3 parts. All detailed sizes are indicated in the photos.
  • MATERIAL: The set with mirror cabinet consists of 16 mm easy-care chipboard, with a melamine resin coating.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Washbasin base cabinet, Bathroom mirror cabinet, Midi wardrobe, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Transform your bathroom into a sleek sanctuary with the Fynn bathroom furniture set. This minimalist set features a sink base cabinet and a mirror cabinet, providing ample storage space for all your bathroom essentials. The best part? You can combine different sets from the Fynn collection to create a cohesive and personalized look. Add some extra pizzazz to your bathroom by supplementing this set with other items from the collection. With Fynn, your bathroom will exude style and sophistication, making it the perfect place to relax and recharge after a long day.


Technical data:

Oak, Anthracite

Chipboard, 16 mm

Melamine resin coating

Net weight without package:
40.93 kg.

Gross weight incl. package:
43.9 kg.


SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Washbasin base cabinet, Bathroom mirror cabinet, Midi wardrobe, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Colour: oak
Colour of the corpus: Anthracite
Model: Fynn
Set size: Set of 3
Width: 79cm
Height: 64cm
Length: 21cm
Weight: 43.9kg

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May 27, 2022 13:58

Really good for little money

If you want to renovate your bathroom and don't have a lot of money, but still want it to be beautiful, this is exactly the right place. I can give this furniture a clear recommendation to buy. Sincerely, Mr Udo M.

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4.59 / 5.00
out of 70596 reviews