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Bureau "Alena" Sonoma Oak/White Vicco


Product number: 406673102846705

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Product information "Bureau "Alena" Sonoma Oak/White Vicco"
Compact and flexible – with this cabinet desk you can set up your work area in a space-saving and flexible way.
Despite its compact design and shallow depth, our desk offers an exceptional amount of storage space. Alena has a practical laptop or folder compartment, several shelves and two side compartments and therefore provides plenty of space and storage for all your utensils. With its modern and simple design, this all-rounder will adapt to every room and every situation.

Assembly is very easy with the help of the illustrated assembly instructions included in delivery!


Technical data


Overall: 85 x 128,5 x 27 cm (WxHxD)
Tabletop: 85 x 46.6 cm (WxD)

19.4 kg

Body: Chipboard, 16 mm, melamine resin coating


Scope of delivery

• 1x Bureau

The decoration is not included
Colour: sonoma / white, white
Width: 28.6cm
Height: 128.5cm
Length: 85cm
Weight: 43.6kg

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4.75 out of 5 stars






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Very good




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May 6, 2022 14:52

Basic cabinet

The Dehn wardrobe is a pleasure to recommend. It is very solid and beautiful. You can adjust the height to your needs. It would be nice if there was another shelf. I also like the depth of 45 cm. I'm not the youngest anymore and the depth is very nice, so you can reach the back comfortably.

May 6, 2022 14:54


When the package finally arrived, I was surprised by the quality (for the price !!!!). The shipping took a while, but for the price it's not bad. I wrote to the dealer twice and he always replied the next day. That's how it should be! I trust the quality and stability. Assembly is a game for children !!!! A note that the package comes with 2 deliveries would be nice!

May 6, 2022 14:51

Large kitchen cabinet

I had limited space available in the new kitchen, and this unit fitted to the millimetre. An assembly guide is included but not really necessary.It was assembled quickly.All parts were well packed and secured, so nothing was faulty. I can only recommend this cabinet!

May 6, 2022 14:53

Price and performance

I wanted to build a small kitchen for my son and I was looking for cheap base and wall units. I found them and was pleasantly surprised. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble each cabinet. The doors close properly and the stability is also in order. Overall, it's good value for money, and visually you can't say the kitchen is cheap.

May 6, 2022 14:50

Very good.

The wardrobe is really well made. At that price, I expected something worse. I use it as a bathroom cabinet. I can really store a lot of things in it. It has a nice glossy finish and feels very solid. Assembly and installation was very easy. Packing and shipping was very easy.

May 6, 2022 14:53

Cuisine Vicco

I bought the Vicco kitchen and ordered it again. I am very surprised by the stability, the very good execution and the quality. I had to remodel my kitchen a bit due to lack of space, but I need 6 door handles. I had to remodel my kitchen a bit due to lack of space, but I have a problem: I still need 6 door handles, can I still get them?

May 6, 2022 14:57

Realizations in order. Craftsmanship is required.

The cabinets are not installed in my kitchen, but in the bathroom as a shelf and cabinet. So I have to say up front that the look was a bit different for me and I wasn't expecting more for the price, but I still find the look very appealing. The plastic handles are bad. When you assemble the cabinets you definitely need a lot of hand strength and a lot of tools, as you have to drill a lot of holes where other furniture shops already have pre-drilled holes, so the assembly is easier. The cabinets give an impression of stability when assembled.

May 6, 2022 14:55

Good and cheap for a matching kitchen

I have put together my complete kitchen, but with my own worktop. It is important that the cabinets are not 60 cm deep, but rather 40 cm, but you can compensate for this by moving the cabinets forward so that they are at the same level as the worktop (and the oven and dishwasher). I didn't set up the kitchen myself and it's more for people who know it well, but with a little patience, even a novice can do it. Absolutely unbeatable for the price! It's certainly not top of the range, but the glossy anthracite is very elegant! A clear recommendation if you want good food at a low price. Plus, you won't find corner cabinets of the same dimensions anywhere, and it's great to be able to design the kitchen to your liking, rather than having to buy off-the-shelf, which costs a fortune elsewhere. We cheated a bit and did a 40 wash because the 80 wouldn't have fit.

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