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Coffe table Sonoma Oak Vicco


Product number: 425142191816005

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Product information "Coffe table Sonoma Oak Vicco"
Look no further for a coffee table that looks so “at home” in your living room. This coffee table’s design language speaks harmony and order. Convenient storage for your magazines and finally a good place to keep your remote.

Assembly is simple with the included, illustrated instructions!


Technical data

Sonoma Oak

total: 42 x 100 x 60 cm (HxWxD)

17,2 kg

Body: Chipboard, 16mm, melamine resin coating


Scope of delivery

• 1x Coffee table

The decoration is not included.
Colour: sonoma
Width: 60cm
Height: 4.2cm
Weight: 17.2kg

10 of 11 reviews

4.55 out of 5 stars






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Very good




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May 4, 2022 15:45

Adapts, does not falter, delights

Reading the other reviews, one fears that the small parts are missing here too? But far from it, everything was there, everything was on it and everything was in the picture. That's how joy happens when everything fits together. Thanks to the manufacturer, and the price is a bargain and affordable for small servers. I can unreservedly recommend this choice of purchase. In any case, I was very lucky.

May 4, 2022 15:46

Good table, easy to assemble, good quality

Easy to assemble, good quality. We have glued on edge protectors as it can be painful to come into contact with different parts of the body. Unfortunately, the table only survives animal pee attacks with permanent damage to the bottom. But that doesn't matter at this price... If you expect more resistance, Wolf needs more.

May 4, 2022 15:43

Beautiful coffee table

After a bit of back and forth, as the first table had finished in the rain (not at home, but on the way), the table arrived at my house very quickly. The assembly was a bit more difficult than expected, even though we are experienced craftsmen and "collectors". So I deducted a point because the assembly instructions are very confusing. I also have to deduct a point because the wooden dowels fell apart when we pushed them in. Fortunately we always have spare dowels at home, so we managed anyway. Now the table seems quite stable. A big congratulations to the manufacturer/supplier: when I called, everyone was very nice and friendly, and the refund of the first table amount also worked without any problems.

May 4, 2022 15:44

Bord Sonoma Design

The table kit arrived very well packed, all parts were complete and some parts were even a little more than necessary. What I don't like is the lack of glue, because what are the wooden pegs for? Also, the embossed sticker on one side of the top table top should be recognisable in the photos, and if it's going to be there as a mark, for heaven's sake, stick it straight on: I don't think you can remove it without damaging the material - The holes for the table legs could also be a bit more accurate, the 4 table legs have a slight offset. Otherwise I am happy, the table is stable and I was able to assemble it myself in 10 minutes.

March 10, 2022 09:41


Great table. Stable, simple and perfect for my living room, thank you and best regards.

May 4, 2022 15:47

Beautiful table

The table is fantastic for only £40 it is very well finished all the pre-drilled holes and screws were 100% in order it was quickly assembled and in Sonoma oak it looks great. A clear recommendation to buy

May 4, 2022 15:48

Good table, unfortunately too small for my living room

The table itself is solidly built and can be set up quickly and easily. Only the size of the table was too small for me. It was lost in front of my landscape in the living room. Once I installed it, I didn't want to send it back for the small price. So I gave it away and it was gladly received. Very good value for money.

July 1, 2022 10:42

The coffee table is perfect for me.

Such a model was not so easy to get - at a good price. For me, it was important to have a nice, large table with a clipboard that matched my furnishings.

May 4, 2022 15:49

Excellent for the price!

The packaging was damaged, but the product was intact. There were no instructions, but I still managed to assemble the table in half an hour. So it's super easy. With instructions, it probably would have only taken 10 minutes. The quality is far from the best, but the table is nice and stable. For the price, nothing bad can be said. However, there are better ones (at a higher price, of course).

July 15, 2022 11:42

Vicco is class

The table has settled in really well, is totally beautiful and super stable. We decided to buy it because we had already had good experiences with Vicco furniture and the table fits in perfectly with the rest of the living room.

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