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Setting up your own hobby workshop with the right furniture as the center of your creativity

Whether it's in the basement, garage, or garden shed, having your own workshop is a haven of creativity for every craftsman. Here, you can repair, create something entirely new, or simply unwind and forget about everyday life while working on projects. But what are the right furniture pieces for a workshop, and is budget-friendly workshop furniture sufficient? You'll find out here. Genuine hobby craftsmen need the right workshop furniture, from workbenches with work surfaces to tool cabinets and cabinets with practical drawers for your tools. In our shop, you'll find all the furniture you need for your home workshop at a fair price and with great quality.

Buying Workshop Furniture – a Workbench Is Essential Beginners and professionals have one thing in common – they need a place to work, and that's where the workbench comes in. When you're buying workshop furniture, a workbench is a good starting point. It's where most of the work happens. Whether you're sawing, hammering, painting, or gluing, a good workbench should be sturdy. If you're looking to buy a workbench, you should consider what requirements you have for it. To do that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you primarily want to use the workbench for?
  • Should the workbench be permanently mounted or mobile?
  • Are special connections like compressed air or water needed?
  • Is a small table sufficient, or would a larger workbench be better?
  • What material should the workbench be made of?

Buying a complete workshop furnishing – organization Is key

You need a soldering iron quickly or can't seem to find the right screws again? That's where the right furniture in a workshop comes in handy. A complete workshop setup should be well-organized, and a workshop furniture set can also look good. But what options are there? There are numerous storage variations available, depending on your needs and the number of tools. A small base cabinet with drawers can save you a lot of time searching for items, especially in the beginning. However, as your workshop grows, and there's more to store, hanging cabinets, drawer cabinets, or heavy-duty shelving units offer more storage possibilities.

Workshop sets are also practical because they provide shelving, drawers with clear compartments, and a pegboard for hanging tools. Here, too, you should consider the appropriate material and load-bearing capacity. Robust wood or metal ensures a long life for your tools, and the storage options provide secure and tidy storage.

Pegboard and wall cabinet – everything within reach with the right furniture for your workshop

It doesn't take up much space, but it provides ample storage and organization. A pegboard is perfect if you have a small workshop. It's mounted on the wall and, thanks to standardized holes, offers a great storage solution for your tools. However, if you want to install an entire workshop furniture set, you'll need a larger wall. These walls come with hooks and brackets, even for heavy equipment. Equally practical and just as useful are matching wall cabinets in your hobby workshop. Here, everything that needs to be within easy reach finds its place. In addition, such a cabinet provides protection – both for your tools and for curious children who might otherwise get injured.

Practical helpers in your home workshop and other Inspirations

A tool cart is a true lifesaver and one of the most practical pieces of furniture for a workshop. Thanks to its wheels, it's always where you need it and can be easily stored back in the workshop after use. Depending on your needs, there are different versions available, such as ones with shelves, large and small storage compartments, or small drawers for sorting screws, nails, and other small parts.

And so that you can relax in your home workshop after a job well done, we also offer everything for the garden and terrace, including great garden furniture and everything you need for your home pool. Take a look around our online shop and let yourself be inspired by our numerous other furniture and interior design ideas. No matter what you're looking for, at ok-living, you'll find the right option for every taste and every room.

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