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Gaming table "Joel", Black, 180 x 66 cm, Vicco


Product number: 425142194804405

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Product information "Gaming table "Joel", Black, 180 x 66 cm, Vicco"
  • Make a good decision with Joel's PC table - its optimal design and stylish look make it suitable for any home.
  • This computer table boasts open and closed shelves, a shelf for your system unit for efficient organization of your workspace.
  • DIMENSIONS: The gaming desk has the following measurements: Width: 180 cm, Height: 91 cm, Depth: 66 cm. All detailed sizes are indicated in the photos.
  • MATERIAL: The office table consists of 16 mm easy-care chipboard, with a melamine resin coating.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Gaming table, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Introducing the ultimate gamer's haven - the Joel Gaming Table! Whether you're a professional gamer or a weekend warrior, this modern gaming desk is perfect for all your needs. With a dedicated shelf for your system unit, open and closed shelves for storage, the Joel Gaming Table is a complete package. Not just for gaming, this versatile table can also be used as a computer table, office table, or as a study desk. And the best part? It's part of a series of equally impressive variants, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. Upgrade your gaming experience with the Joel Gaming Table today!


Technical data:


180 x 91 x 66 cm (WxHxD)

Chipboard, 16 mm

Melamine resin coating

Net weight without package:
48.03 kg.

Gross weight incl. package:
51 kg.


SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Gaming table, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Colour: black
Width: 180cm
Height: 91cm
Length: 66cm
Weight: 48.03kg

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Very good




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April 25, 2022 14:49

Quite correct for the price!

The assembly was relatively simple. Nothing was damaged, even during assembly, nothing was broken. It is clear that it wobbles a little, but this problem is quickly solved if you can fix it to the wall. Without fixing, it still holds up very well. If the floor is uneven and it moves, you can just wedge it in. There is plenty of room to put something on it. The work surface is unfortunately a bit small for a joystick or keyboard, but for writing/homework etc., it's a bit too small. Not really. Fast delivery, well packed. Quite correct. The edges are a bit sharp, but this is quickly solved with a little protection. Unfortunately, there is no LED lighting, which would be a good idea.

April 25, 2022 15:00


Long term test, we bought the table on 25.10.I can't complain about the stability, it holds more than 20kg, but you shouldn't exaggerate as these are clamping plates that also open in some places in my house, I recommend this table as it's very good, especially at the seat, I've already hurt myself a few times, but otherwise, I recommend this table that holds up to now, even with a few slips while playing, it has held everything 😁👍.

July 6, 2022 13:05

I am very satisfied with the gaming table!

The hearing for the monitors, the storage space underneath + the extra space for the computer are just perfect.

April 26, 2022 14:51

Cool play desk

A cool gaming desk! The assembly instructions are pretty bad, but it took me 3 hours in total. There is definitely a lot of sawdust as in the other reviews! But it was worth it, it looks really great for the price, really stylish! The parts were not scratched at all in my house, all the openings fit. The item was properly packaged and arrived within five days. I would buy it again.

June 3, 2022 11:52

the desk is stable and does not wobble

When I saw this desk, I immediately fell in love with it. What I like about it is that it is very big and comfortable, working with a keyboard and a notebook is not a problem or discomfort. It is very convenient to reach the shelves or drawers on the left or right side.

July 7, 2022 09:51

Can only recommend the purchase!

The gaming table was very easy to assemble and the parts are not heavy. It is still very sturdy and the paint has not peeled off anywhere.

April 25, 2022 14:52


Quick and easy to assemble. Stable once assembled (when moving the table, however, care must be taken to ensure that the centre does not collapse, best done by two people). The instructions were correct, but some of the boards look much larger or smaller on the sketch, I recommend assigning a number to all the parts before assembly, for guaranteed trouble-free assembly. The working height is nice, a standard size computer case fits perfectly on the right side (beware, wider cases do not fit, longer ones do).

April 25, 2022 14:56

A top product for the money

After reading a lot of critical comments I didn't want to buy this desk, but I finally did and I haven't regretted it. The desk looks great and is easy to assemble. There are still a lot of chips between the panels, but they have not been damaged and should not be a problem for anyone with a hoover, so I don't understand why so many buyers complain about this. I also found two small chips in the drill holes, but these were on the underside so are not a problem. If there are any questions about such defects, the seller is very accommodating, so check everything first and exchange the item or live with the small defects (that was my decision). Conclusion: for the money, the desk is great, the quality is great and the look is great.

July 6, 2022 12:45

Beautifully spacious, simple but still sporty

I particularly like the angular design with the 3 levels, which can be used very nicely, as in my case. However, I had a lot of trouble with the cable management because there is no way to hide them. Nevertheless, I managed it reasonably well, as you can see in the picture. I also have LED strips and a nostalgic fibre-optic lamp, as well as a microphone and keyboard for making music.

April 25, 2022 15:04

Beautiful but complicated!

I liked the desk when it was finally in place! As always, the shipment was on time and even a little earlier than expected. Now to the office! I have to say that the simplicity looks different, the description is a bit complicated as presented! The drilling points for the drawer were wrong and not the correct height! Of course, you can't ask too much for the price, but it would be much easier to rework the plan. Otherwise, once the desk is in place, it looks very smart.

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