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Order awnings, sun and privacy protection at low prices online


Sunshade or awning for the garden, balcony, or terrace

The market offers a wide selection of sunshades. Cantilever umbrellas, center-pole umbrellas, or cone umbrellas each have their advantages and disadvantages. The counterpart to the traditional center-pole umbrella is the cantilever umbrella. Unlike the classic model, the umbrella here is not stabilized through the center but held on the side. This offers the significant advantage that the space under the umbrella is not occupied by a umbrella stand and can be fully utilized. Especially if you have limited space available, this option is ideal for a small balcony.

A high-quality sunshade with a flexible, sturdy frame and a dirt-resistant canopy is suitable for use anywhere outdoors. The awning is also a good solution for a balcony. Due to its larger width and rectangular shape, it can cover the entire area. Traditional awnings require a stable installation. The practical clamp awnings from ok-living are extremely easy to handle because there's no need for drilling. Furthermore, our affordable awnings are of very high-quality craftsmanship and made from durable, UV-resistant materials.

Why sun protection in the garden, on the balcony, and the terrace is Important

The first warm rays of the sun of the year inspire outdoor living. However, when the sun becomes stronger, it's essential that residents can retreat to the shade. Excessive, unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can lead to skin damage. Moreover, most plants appreciate some shade, especially in the hotter midday sun. Sun protection in the form of a sunshade, a terrace cover, or an awning is practical and entirely sensible. It also prevents sensitive outdoor furniture from fading. If you have sufficient space, you can also consider a pergola. A pergola is a fantastic shade solution for large seating areas in the garden, combining form and function with its aesthetic design. Complete this beautiful relaxation spot with stylish garden furniture from ok-living, such as outdoor seating or a comfortable hammock.

In the long run, an awning is a wise investment for your home. Sun sails are easy to install and can be placed almost anywhere. They also stand out primarily for their modern, appealing appearance. In our online shop, you'll find sun sails in various sizes and colors, ensuring there's something to suit every taste.

Differences between awning, pergola, and sunshade

Compared to a traditional sunshade, awnings are typically mounted permanently on a wall. For space-saving awnings on a balcony, there is no need for a center pole or a standpipe. These awnings come in various designs. If you are not allowed to install the awning permanently, a clamp-on awning is a recommended option. Vertical awnings, also known as drop-down awnings, provide shade for residents while also offering protection from the views of neighbors and passersby. You can find a great selection of both types in our online shop. A pergola serves as a decorative feature in the garden but also provides shade, privacy, and wind protection. Sturdy support posts made of metal or wood are anchored into the ground to withstand wind loads. Awnings are generally somewhat less stable than pergolas but can be retracted or folded up when needed. Before purchasing sun protection, always consider how well it needs to withstand weather conditions.

Order your new awning or privacy screen conveniently online

Those surrounded by many neighbors or living directly by the street benefit from proper privacy screens. Apartment and homeowners can choose from various options, including beautiful wooden or bamboo screens, retractable expandable plastic lattice screens, natural dense hedges, stylish wooden lattice privacy fences, or side awnings.

Our robust, weather-resistant side awnings, available in different colors and sizes, offer several advantages. They protect against lateral sunlight as well as prying eyes. The UV-resistant material is extremely durable. Our side awnings are known for their longevity and are easy to install. Explore our fantastic range of pool accessories, beautiful decor for individual garden design, as well as pallet furniture - all exclusively from ok-living. With our comfortable bench cushions and pallet cushions, you can also enhance the seating comfort of your new garden furniture.

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