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Buy useful swimming pool accessories online at low prices


Create your dream pool paradise in your own garden – with the right accessories

As temperatures rise, the desire for outdoor cooling grows. For those who don't live by the sea or have a nearby lake, the desired refreshment is often only found at the public pool. A private pool in the garden is a dream for many people. Whether it's a small inflatable pool, an above-ground pool, or even an in-ground pool, they all serve the same purpose. A beautiful wooden pool or an elegant hot tub can also be visual highlights in the garden. For those with DIY skills who don't want to buy a ready-made pool, building one themselves can create a unique place of refreshment. No matter which type of pool you choose, with the right accessories, it will undoubtedly become an inviting oasis of relaxation for your family and guests.

Protection and maintenance of your new pool

If you're in the process of building your own pool or already have one, you've likely looked for suitable pool accessories online or at local pool shops. The selection of pumps, filters, covers, heaters, ladders, and other accessories can seem almost endless, and prices can vary widely. With us, you'll find everything you need to equip your new pool area perfectly – and at a fair price.

Some pool accessories are purely for aesthetics, while others are essential if you want not only a beautiful but also a clean pool in your garden. One thing is for sure: every pool requires regular maintenance to eliminate impurities and prevent health risks. This starts with the quality of the water and extends to maintenance and cleaning. In our selection, you'll find suitable pumps, filters, and skimmers, as well as pool covers for the protection and maintenance of your pool. With the right pool cover roller from our range, you can easily roll the cover over the pool and back.

Practical accessories for your home pool oasis

To ensure that your own garden pool feels more like a vacation and less like work, we constantly strive to create new products for you. Having your own pool is enticing, and the same goes for having your own hot tub. Typically, if you can have either, it's usually only one. So, how about a heated pool? To avoid having to choose, you'll find a fantastic selection of practical pool heaters in our range. A pool heater ensures a consistent, pleasant temperature and allows for swimming even on cooler days.

Complete your pool setup and enjoy your garden to the fullest

Pool lighting and outdoor lamps are highly popular, especially on long, warm summer nights. They play a significant role in the appearance and ambiance of the pool and the entire outdoor area. To ensure you can not only get into the pool but also get out of it when needed, all you'll need is a suitable pool ladder. Outfit your outdoor space and your new garden pool with the right accessories and high-quality furniture from ok-living, and enjoy beautiful days in the fresh air with your family and guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

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