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Kayak carrier canoe carrier collapsible to 70 kg boat carrier kayak canoe


Product number: 426033756648805

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Product information "Kayak carrier canoe carrier collapsible to 70 kg boat carrier kayak canoe"
The Rotenbach product range consists of simple to complex equipment for your garden and DIY projects. We create innovative concepts with high quality standards and functional applications.
Our many years of experience in the field of DIYs stand for a brand with a solid background. Every challenge finds its match in a Rotenbach solution! Let’s go!

You can easily transport your canoe or kayak with this kayak carrier. The carrier has 2 sturdy wheels and a light-weight aluminum frame.

Additionally, it’s collapsible and thus very space-saving.

The kayak carrier is great for use on every ground, no matter if it’s soft (sandy) or hard (rocky). It’s also very suitable for similar objects.

With the illustrated assembly instructions included, construction is very easy!


Technical data




Dimensions when folded: 68 x 32 x 8 cm

Regular dimensions: 60 x 34 x 34 cm


frame made of anodized aluminum

tube diameter 20 mm

plastic parts made of nylon

wheels: 10 "Airless" Never-Go-Flat "All-Terrain-Wheels", detachable


Upholstered covers

stainless and UV-resistant

broad buckle and two straps for fastening securely

maximum load capacity 70 kg


Scope of delivery

• 1x kayak carrier

Note: Decoration is not included.
Colour: black, red
Width: 6cm
Height: 3.5cm
Length: 3.4cm
Weight: 15kg

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June 13, 2022 20:06

Good product. Highly recommended.

For the price, it's a great product. Foldable and perfect for our SUP. The smell of the wheels, which many here have criticised, is indeed present on delivery. After two weeks in the fresh air, however, everything is in the green.

June 13, 2022 20:04

Would not want to do without it any more

I bought the trolley for my inflatable kayak BIC YAKKAir Full HP 2 for the way from the car park to the marina (ca.600m). Loading, fastening and transport without any problems (enclosed belt holds my kayak perfectly) - during paddling trolley fastened on rear net of kayak. I used to transport it in a carrier bag - worked like that. Wouldn't want to do without the kayak trolley any more. Tip: Put the wheels on with the valve facing inwards or they will rattle on the safety splint;)

June 13, 2022 20:05

Great trailer for little money

I ordered this canoe / kayak trolley for my canoe. The size is small but sufficient for a canoe, but the packing size is very small. The fastening of a canoe with the supplied strap is a little too little and a second tensioning strap should be used (this is also described in the instruction manual). The tyres really stink at the beginning, but that's completely normal and doesn't really bother in the garage. My conclusion: very good canoe trolley at a reasonable price , clear buy recommendation !

June 13, 2022 20:03


I have used it a few times now, i.e. kayak on it, 350m walk to the lake, the car in the water, kayak down and after the tour the whole thing again in the opposite order. Looks and feels a bit "cheap", but it holds. Now and then the kayak slips, but it is still within tolerable limits (use 2 straps). It's not that heavy (I didn't weigh it) and because of its small size you can also carry it on the kayak. And so far there is no visible rust development.

June 13, 2022 20:05

Very good price/performance ratio

The kayak trolleys arrived quickly and could be assembled and disassembled without any problems. They are ideal for transporting kayaks from the car to the water and really unbeatable for the price. On the subject of smell, which has often been mentioned here: Yes, the tyres smell really really strongly of chemicals. We had stored the trolleys in the garage for a while before using them for the first time and now we don't notice any of the smell. But I can imagine that it is unpleasant to get straight into the car with the freshly unpacked kayak trolley and take it for a longer drive. Nevertheless, this is no reason for me to give the product a lower rating.

June 13, 2022 20:07

Good quality at a low price

The trolley is stable and rolls very well. It is quickly assembled and can be easily disassembled after use and stored in a space-saving way. Unfortunately, it is a bit too small for my 35 kg Canadian (4.9 m long), but that's not the fault of the trolley, it's my thriftiness. I would buy a bigger one next time. Unfortunately, I must also note that the tyres smell terribly of unhealthy solvent, so that the car should not be stored indoors and unfortunately not in the car either. However, this is a luxury problem when you consider that some Chinese people risked their health in the production of these tyres, and for a pittance.

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