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Order midi cabinets for your bathroom at low prices online


Mid cabinets serve as useful storage space in the bathroom, depending on their design, color, and style.

They are a wonderful solution for storing toiletries, towels, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Mid cabinets are practical, versatile, and timeless. They combine beauty and functionality and are part of the basic equipment in the bathroom. Despite their narrow width and low height, they are compact and offer ample storage space. Mid cabinets can find a place not only in a small bathroom but also in larger ones, where they become a real eye-catcher. With contemporary designs, bathroom cabinets can transform the space into a pleasant retreat.

A tidy bathroom with the right bathroom cabinet in a matching design not only looks beautiful but also creates a sense of well-being in the space.

A mid-cabinet, along with a vanity cabinet, can be a real focal point for your bathroom essentials, bringing order to the space. At ok-living, we offer high-quality and stylish mid-cabinets in various configurations, variations, and delightful designs. You can choose from options like hinged doors, drawers, open shelves, or a combination of all three. Open shelves create an airy style, while doors provide a sense of calm by hiding items from view.

In our online shop, you'll find a wide range of styles, whether you prefer vintage, modern, classic, rustic, minimalist, or industrial. Explore different finishes such as antique wood, plain white, high-gloss, brown, gray, concrete-style, or black. High-quality door handles or push-to-open systems add the finishing touches. You can easily order the perfect mid-cabinet for your needs from our online shop.

The special feature of a mid-cabinet is its size.

A mid-cabinet for the bathroom is a wonderful choice when your vanity cabinet provides insufficient storage or a tall cabinet takes up too much space. Bathroom mid-cabinets come in optimal sizes, making them a great intermediate solution. Depths can vary from 40 × 35 cm, and heights range from 70 to 130 cm, depending on your needs. The most common size of 30 × 97 × 30 (W × H × D) is ideal for enhancing small niches and, despite its ample storage space, is space-saving. Placing the bathroom cabinet next to the sink or elsewhere in the bathroom adds a certain dynamic to the room.

You will be surprised by how much useful storage space a mid-cabinet provides despite its small size. While it may appear small visually, this is not the case. In the open shelves of your mid-bathroom cabinet, you can store your beautiful towels or favorite products. Behind the doors and in the drawers, you can neatly tuck away your cosmetics and items like a hairdryer and cleaning supplies. This helps give your bathroom a calm and organized look. You can easily order your mid-cabinet from our online shop.

Mid-cabinets should excel in both functionality and beauty.

To turn your bathroom into a place of comfort, we at ok-living offer mid-cabinets in wonderful designs with excellent craftsmanship that are easy to clean. Our mid-cabinets from the "Fynn" collection are particularly interesting. They are made from high-quality materials and are highly resistant to moisture or mold, thanks to their protection against negative environmental influences. Additionally, you can achieve a wonderful vintage look in your bathroom by choosing your own color scheme.

Alternatively, you can opt for a high-gloss mid-cabinet from Vicco for a clean and minimalist style. Another option is our mid-cabinet from the "Ilias" collection. With its minimalist, compact design and trendy colors combined with graphite and wood, it offers you optimal storage space with its five spacious drawers. The choice is yours, and the assembly is very easy thanks to our illustrated instructions.

In the ok-living online shop, you have the opportunity to easily order the right mid-cabinet according to your preferences and have it delivered to your home.

Perhaps, in addition to a mid-cabinet, you need other options to store your items neatly and orderly. Furniture with beautiful designs can transform the bathroom into places where you enjoy spending time. How about a matching vanity cabinet, bathroom cabinet, a nice mirror or mirrored cabinet above the sink, or one of our versatile bathroom furniture sets?

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