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Order affordable furniture for children and babies online 


High-quality children's furniture for your new family member

As soon as the arrival of a new addition to the family is announced, most parents can't wait to prepare for the arrival of their baby. This exciting and unforgettable time is an excellent opportunity to set up the baby's room and buy furniture for the little one. However, not only the appearance but also the price often plays a role in this process. Beautiful furnishings are not a matter of money for us, which is why you will find in our extensive range high-quality, modern, and, above all, affordable furniture for children and babies.

Children's furniture for your child's restful nights

A good night's sleep and a relaxing sleep environment are essential. Only in a comfortable crib can your child rest and develop well. Your baby spends many hours in their crib, making it one of the most important and often the first pieces of children's furniture you will acquire. Explore our extensive selection of beautiful beds for children and babies, as well as matching bedding, pillows, and blankets from ok-living. You are likely also planning to purchase a changing table. In this practical piece of children's furniture, you can neatly store diapers, onesies, and baby shirts, among other things. Spacious drawers provide ample storage space for washcloths, towels, and other baby care items.

Create a paradise for children and order at the same time with beautiful children's room furniture

Shelves are an absolute must in a child's room. Their shelves create storage space for games, books, CDs and toys. Alternatively, you'll find a wide range of other storage options such as roller containers and folding boxes. A wardrobe is also part of the basic equipment in the area of children's room furniture. A wardrobe is usually a long-term purchase, because depending on the model, it will accompany your child beyond primary school age. Thanks to the generous design, corresponding clothes rails, compartments and drawers, there is also room for toys and shoes in the wardrobe, thus ensuring even more order and clarity.

From baby to toddler: nursery furniture that grows with you

You will soon notice how quickly time flies. It doesn't take long at all and the baby cot already has to be exchanged for a children's bed. If the floor space of the room is not too big, then it is especially valuable. As soon as the baby toys give way, it is also used as a playground for Lego bricks, dolls and toy cars.

Nevertheless, the bed is and remains the centrepiece of every child's room. With the help of a loft bed, the space requirement can be kept low, because the room underneath can easily be transformed into a lounge or sitting area for reading and painting. Discover our selection of matching chairs and tables for your children. When the children are older, you can also place a children's desk under a loft bed and create a beautiful learning corner. With beautiful children's room decorations such as wall tattoos, curtains, carpets and lamps, you can also create a pleasant atmosphere in the room that invites you to linger, relax and play.

Child-friendly furniture for children of primary school age

A room for primary school children should be a multifunctionally furnished room. Because it is simultaneously a study, playroom, living room and retreat for your child. The size of the room also determines the type and variety of the children's room furnishings. Learning furniture should be flexible and adapt to the child's needs. What else makes a good children's room? It should be cosy and practical at the same time. When buying children's room furniture, you should also look for a timeless and changeable design. Even for primary school children, there should be a cosy corner next to the work area. There they can dream, read a book or play with friends. Take your time to look around and discover the large selection of furniture from the ok-living children's room series.

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