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Buy beautiful shelves for baby and children's rooms online


Shelves in the nursery provide order and tidiness.

Are you looking for suitable shelves for the nursery? Our Vicco nursery shelves are high-quality and, of course, designed with children in mind, often in bright colors. Some shelves, however, are kept simple without motifs so that they can be used for as long as possible. The shelves you should buy for your child's room depend on the purpose of the shelf, as well as the child's age.

Our shelves are suitable for both baby rooms and children's rooms. They come in various designs, and our children's shelves have a varying number of compartments. In our shop, you will find a wide selection of beautiful motifs. If your child is still very young and doesn't have many books yet, the shelf can also be used for toys. Shelves with colorful patterns are especially popular for small children up to about eight years old.

Not only beautiful but also useful - why buy shelves for the nursery

Child-friendly shelves are suitable for neatly storing all toys, books, and more. Every child's room needs one or two nice nursery shelves. In them, children can store books, clothing, toys, and much more. Items that would otherwise create clutter are safely stored on the shelves. This teaches the young ones to keep things tidy from an early age. A nursery shelf also serves the practical purpose of keeping everything in its place. Simply choose one of the affordable Vicco nursery shelves from our shop. We offer shelves in an age-appropriate style that are durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for any children's room. We offer:

  • Nursery shelves with compartments, with or without matching foldable boxes
  • Shelf-bench combinations with comfortable seat cushions
  • Bookshelves with benches, compartments, and lounging areas
  • Practical corner shelves

Additionally, complement your new Vicco nursery shelves with cute foldable boxes from Vicco in our assortment. Our lovely fairy lights turn any seating area into a cozy cuddling space.

Popular colors and variations of nursery shelves

Minimalistic light nursery shelves are the perfect all-rounders and remind one of the popular Scandinavian style. This modern style is characterized by light furniture in natural or white colors. White shelves with colorful foldable boxes turn the room into a child-friendly play area. You can also continue to use these nursery shelves later when the children are a bit older. Not all nursery shelves are the same; there are different variations to consider.

  • Freestanding shelves for the nursery
  • Wall shelves for children
  • Corner shelves for children

Nursery shelves can be broadly categorized into freestanding shelves, corner shelves, and wall shelves. While freestanding shelves rest on the floor, wall shelves are mounted on the wall. Freestanding shelves, especially if they are very tall, should also be secured to the wall. Corner shelves, on the other hand, require the least space. Models like the Vicco children's shelf with a bench provide your child with additional seating or lounging space. Vicco nursery shelves with drawers offer plenty of storage space.

What to consider when buying a nursery shelf

The classic nursery shelf, if you replace the colorful foldable boxes with plain ones, can be suitable for children up to 12 years old. After that, it's advisable to switch to larger shelves as nursery shelves may no longer provide enough space for everything. When buying a nursery shelf, there are a few things you should definitely consider. The shelf should serve its purpose and not only please you but also your child. If the shelf is to be used in the youth room later on, you can simply replace the colorful boxes with plain white or gray ones. Additionally, before making the purchase, ensure that the shelf offers enough space and the right number of compartments to accommodate everything. If you have more than one child, you should consider buying a larger shelf or multiple shelves for the nursery.

Furnishing a children's room affordably with furniture from ok-living

The right choice of children's shelf variant depends on personal taste and usage. That's why in our shop, you'll find a huge selection of children's shelves to suit every need and budget. In addition to our great and child-friendly shelves, you'll also find everything else you need for furnishing the children's room. Explore, for example, beautiful beds for children and babies, as well as matching accessories such as bedding, pillows, and blankets, but also cabinets, chairs, and tables for children.

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