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Order cheap wardrobes for baby and children's rooms online


Children's wardrobes for order and organization in the children's room

The baby has grown up and outgrown the baby furniture. Eventually, there comes a time when the changing table can be replaced, and a proper children's room should be set up. But what should be included in a children's room? In any case, a bed is a must. A table for crafting and drawing is also needed for a kindergarten-aged child, as well as a chair that is sized for the child. What should definitely not be missing in any children's room, above all else, is a wardrobe. A children's wardrobe is a basic furnishing item in a children's room. Children's wardrobes are versatile – in addition to storing clothing, they also serve as a place for games, toys, and storage for other items in the children's room.

Children's wardrobes in many designs, sizes, and styles

Just like for adults, a children's wardrobe is primarily used for storing clothing. However, a children's wardrobe is also well-suited for storing toys and creating order. Especially because an extensive collection of items is needed, many parents look for children's wardrobes that are not only visually appealing but also budget-friendly. At ok-living, you'll find affordable children's wardrobes in great designs and excellent craftsmanship. In our online shop, you'll discover a wide variety of models, styles, and colors of children's wardrobes, including:

  • Wardrobe-shelf combinations
  • Children's wardrobes in minimalist design
  • Colorful children's wardrobes with animal motifs
  • Children's wardrobes with drawers and compartments
  • Small, large, narrow, and wide children's wardrobes

We place great importance on diversity, so we offer affordable children's wardrobes in many different variations. There's guaranteed to be something for everyone. Are you looking for children's wardrobes that reach up to the ceiling so that items that the child cannot reach can be stored in the upper compartments? However, there are also mid-height wardrobes or dressers. Here, your child can reach all compartments, and the surface can be used to display toys, crafts, or Lego creations. There are open wardrobe-shelf combinations with beautiful, colorful motifs. Children's wardrobes with drawers that are easily accessible to the child are also very useful. Here, small toys or clothing items like underwear and socks can be stored.

Children's wardrobes for every age

When buying a wardrobe for the children's room, it's important to consider the color. When children have a say, they often choose colorful children's wardrobes. At our store, you'll find cute children's wardrobes in various shapes and with patterns or animal motifs, which are especially popular with the little ones. However, a children's wardrobe in neutral colors such as white, gray, or wood can be used for a longer period as it can also fit in a teenager's room. Colorful accents can be added, for example, by painting a colorful wall behind the wardrobe. A white children's wardrobe can also be decorated with posters or wall decals. Both can be easily removed when the child outgrows the motifs, allowing the wardrobe to be used for as long as possible.

The following considerations can help with the decision when making a purchase:

  • Should the clothing items be stored within the child's reach?
  • Should toys also be stored in the wardrobe?
  • Should the wardrobe be open or closed?
  • How long do you expect the wardrobe to be in use?

Affordable children's furniture from ok-living

When clothing, or at least essential parts of it, should be easily accessible, the child has a better chance of dressing independently. Especially when the child is small, it's a good idea to provide only a limited selection, which makes it easier for the child to dress themselves. It's recommended to have separate compartments or drawers at the child's height. If toys are also to be stored in the wardrobe, it makes sense to visually separate them. Open wardrobes, resembling shelves, have the advantage that children can quickly see the most important items. However, closed wardrobes usually look neater. But even in open children's wardrobes, you can create order and structure, for example, by using foldable boxes.

A children's wardrobe should be used for as long as possible. If you intend to use it in the teenager's room as well, consider factors like the color and size of the wardrobe before purchasing. In addition to beautiful children's wardrobes, you'll find everything else you need for furnishing the children's room in our store. Explore, for example, lovely beds for children and babies, shelves, as well as practical chairs and tables for children.

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