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Order cheap bar stools online


Bar stools and bar chairs from ok-living

Open living spaces are becoming increasingly common, while closed kitchens are not as popular anymore. To create a smoother transition between the kitchen and the living area, a counter is a great option. It not only looks visually appealing but also provides an excellent opportunity for additional seating, such as bar stools or bar chairs in convenient sets of two available in our shop. Bar stools are also commonly used at home bars or outdoor high-top tables. Our bar stools and bar chairs are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and materials.

Whether it's for enjoying your morning coffee or sharing a glass of wine with friends in the evening, a counter with bar stools invites you to linger and transforms a simple kitchen into a real eye-catcher. You can purchase your new bar stools from us at affordable prices and have them delivered directly to your home. The diverse selection of designs and materials ensures that there's an option to match every interior style. Whether you prefer black, white, with metal accents, with or without backrests – tastes vary. Integrate your seating into your decor. A bar chair with a metal frame is sturdy and elegant, while plastic bar stools are known for their lightweight design. Our bar stools without backrests, for example, are available in sets of two. Take a look around and explore our extensive selection.

Modern, stylish, and affordable bar stools and bar chairs

When purchasing new bar stools, it's important to consider the stool's legs, as they come in various designs on the market. You should also think about whether the bar stools match your counter or bar table. Bar stools, with or without backrests, swivel or non-swivel, should be height-adjustable. Bar stools with adjustable height or swivel bar chairs with backrests are typically between 60 cm and 95 cm in height.

The bar stools and bar chairs from our shop can be adjusted in height from 71 cm to 92 cm. The adjustment is made using a gas spring and a lever, allowing you to tailor the seat height to match the height of the table. Our bar stools are available in sets of two chairs. You can also find bar stools in sets of two with four legs, providing stability and resembling dining table chairs. The crossbars connect the legs and also serve as a practical footrest.

Difference between bar stool and bar chair

Some may wonder what the actual difference is between a bar stool and a bar chair. In essence, the difference between a bar stool and a bar chair is that a bar stool typically has a round seat without a backrest. Additionally, a bar stool usually has a metal base with a footrest and is capable of swiveling all around. On the other hand, a bar chair resembles more of a tall dining chair. It predominantly features a backrest and armrests and is supported either by four legs or, similarly, by a metal base with a footrest. However, it's worth noting that this distinction in functions doesn't apply to all models currently available. In the case of bar stools with backrests, the height of the backrest can vary. While a high backrest provides comfortable seating, a bar stool without a backrest has the practical advantage of being able to be tucked under the counter when not in use. Nowadays, the terms "bar stool" and "bar chair" are mostly used interchangeably, as there is no significant difference between these two pieces of furniture.

Your own bar – modern design bar stools in various materials

Whether you're ordering a bar chair with a backrest or buying bar stools affordably in sets of two from our online shop, proper care can extend the lifespan of the products. It's sufficient to simply wipe down bar stools made of plastic, wood, and metal with a damp cloth. For glossy surfaces, post-treatment with a polishing or cotton cloth can help make the material shine. For plastic, a dash of dish soap in water can remove dust particles or stains. When you buy modern bar stools online, consider selecting swivel models in trumpet shape with faux leather upholstery in colors like black or white.

If you intend to order bar stools that match the country-style, the rustic version made of solid wood like oak with cushions is the top choice. For a Scandinavian-style setup with bar stools for the kitchen, bar stools with four wooden or metal legs and a simple seat are suitable. In the garden or on the terrace, you can set up bar chairs made of rattan to furnish your bar or grilling area. If you desire extra comfort, consider ordering a model with padded armrests and backrest.

Modern and high-quality furnishings for the dining area or dining Room

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen counter or your own home bar for a while now? Then it's time to make that dream a reality. At ok-living, you'll find a wide selection of beautiful bar stools and bar chairs in various styles. To complement them, our extensive range also includes modern and high-quality bar tables. Furthermore, you'll find everything else you need for an inviting dining area or a beautiful dining room.

Explore modern dining room tables and matching accessories, as well as elegant chairs. If you don't have a dedicated dining room, our dining sets are perfect for you. They are especially practical when you have limited space but still want to create enough seating. Order your new dining room furniture easily online at ok-living.

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