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Buy modern bar tables online


Order an affordable bar table for your home bar

No true home party space is complete without a bar table. But even if you don't have a room for parties, having your own home bar is always a decorative highlight. Depending on the amount of space you have available, bar tables can be used in various ways. Whether in the living room or the garden, there are numerous possibilities for where you can set up a bar. A budget-friendly and high-quality bar table from our online shop is also a beautiful addition to the kitchen. Our modern tables are available in various designs and colors. Additionally, in our shop, you can find bar tables with matching chairs or as standalone options. Customize your home bar or create a cozy dining area in small spaces. We have bar tables to suit every taste, including those with storage, shelves, or bar tables with chairs.

Why have your own home bar – benefits

Purchasing your own home bar means more than just creating a place where you can relax with a drink after a long day of work or on the weekends. It also provides you with a space to hone your cocktail mixing skills or simply enjoy some quality time together. When you buy a bar table, it becomes the highlight of your next party.

For those who want to host gatherings at home, creating a pleasant atmosphere can enhance the fun. The bar feeling isn't just about expertly mixed cocktails and long drinks; it's also about having the right furniture. A table with bar stools or a bar table with shelves can transform even plain rooms into a suitable party venue. If the bar table also offers practical storage space, you can centralize all your party supplies. Glasses, shakers, fruit knives, napkins, and more can have designated spots and don't need to be searched for haphazardly. Additionally, high-quality and stylish bar table sets can decoratively enhance the room. An otherwise unused corner of the living room can effortlessly become a fantastic home bar. Get inspired and shop for your new bar table at ok-living today.

Versatile uses - bar tables for various rooms

You don't need a dedicated party room if you want to buy a bar table. An elegant home bar can be set up in various rooms. Depending on the size of the room, it can be placed in the living room, kitchen, or dining room, for example. Bar counters, especially in the kitchen, are becoming increasingly popular because they are a special focal point. For those who prefer outdoor options, you can use the space under a patio awning to set up a lounge with a bar. Here, guests can sit at the bar table with bar stools or on matching lounge furniture. Additionally, even the traditional party room can be brought into the modern era. An elegant bar table with chairs creates a contemporary atmosphere that perfectly matches your style. Whether in the living room, garden, or dining room, a modern bar table is an eye-catching addition to any home.

Materials and styles of bar tables

A bar table with stools can be made from various materials. The majority are constructed from wood or wood composite materials such as MDF. A wooden bar table is robust, sturdy, and durable but also heavy and not as easily transportable. Additional coatings such as varnishes or laminates can create unique accents. The exclusive bar tables from Vicco in our online shop, for example, are made from chipboard with melamine resin coating. Handles and frames are made of materials like plastic and metal.

Our excellent range stands out particularly due to its numerous variations and designs. For instance, there are bar tables in concrete look, anthracite, black, or white. For multi-colored highlights, you can use bar tables that combine anthracite and wood surfaces or anthracite and white elements. They complement modernly furnished spaces exceptionally well. If the bar table is accompanied by chairs, these should visually harmonize with the table. For those who prefer a more natural or luxurious look, a wooden bar table in antique wood look is ideal. The dark or light wood exudes a natural vibe and, with the right accessories, can even create a rustic and cozy atmosphere.

Different colors for different room effects

When you want to order your new bar table online, you have various colors to choose from. A white bar table pairs wonderfully with modern decor, Scandinavian style, or in a room with a romantic Shabby Chic ambiance. A gray bar table fits well in contemporary loft settings or within an industrial style. The black bar table, when matched with suitable seating, can be combined with many interior design styles. It serves as an ideal contrast in otherwise colorful environments and adds a striking touch against white walls. In our shop, you have the freedom to design your home bar the way you want. You can buy:

  • Bar tables with matching bar stools
  • Bar tables without stools
  • Bar tables with or without shelves
  • Bar tables with or without a rack
  • Bar stools as a complement to your bar table

If you prefer to use the bar table with a small tabletop in the kitchen, then wooden models are the perfect addition for rustic and cozy living spaces. Light colors work well here, as they can make the room appear larger. Order your budget-friendly bar table in our online shop today.

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