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Order modern and affordable study furniture online


Our high-quality office furniture transforms your home workspace into an attractive environment.

Working from home has become the norm nowadays, whether occasionally or regularly. When you furnish your home with modern office furniture, you contribute to a positive work atmosphere, increase your satisfaction, and thus, ensure the necessary motivation. Beautiful furniture for your home office is essential for room design and well-being when working from home. Starting with the desk and the right office chair, practical office furniture for organized storage, such as office containers and cabinets, up to the complete home office setup, you can easily and conveniently purchase your office furniture online. Take a look at our online shop, order your new, high-quality, and affordable home office furniture from ok-living, and equip your home office with the appropriate furnishings.

Practical and suitable home office furniture

When you work from home, you typically spend most of your day sitting. An appropriate office chair is essential to ensure you can be truly productive. It should not only look good but also provide you with support to prevent pain or even long-term posture issues. Gaming chairs inspired by motorsport are designed specifically for extended periods of sitting and are thus quite popular in home offices as well. When searching for the right office furniture, take a close look to see if they suit your needs. Explore our excellent selection of comfortable office and gaming chairs that will enhance your work or leisure time in your home office.

It's considered particularly healthy to alternate between standing and sitting while working from home. Adjustable-height desks are, therefore, very popular and highly practical because they allow you to work while standing as well. In addition to a suitable chair, a desk is also an essential piece of furniture for your workspace. It needs to serve multiple purposes effectively. It should match the rest of your furnishings and provide enough space for your work tools. At the same time, it should accommodate your sitting habits. You can find modern desks with ample storage space and sufficient surface area at fair prices for your home office in our selection.

Modern office furniture for organization and clarity

Good home office furniture is a balanced combination of function and style. This combination often comes with a hefty price tag. However, we believe that you should be able to furnish your workspace with modern and high-quality office furniture even on a smaller budget. With the right furniture, you can create a workspace where you enjoy spending time, and work almost becomes a secondary concern. Storage furniture such as office cabinets, rolling cabinets, and file cabinets from ok-living ensure the proper organization and clarity of your documents. If you have the opportunity to work from home, you can determine the appearance of your workspace yourself. Add more atmosphere to your home office with modern office furniture. Don't forget about good lighting in your workspace so that you can work under optimal conditions even during the dark seasons.

Affordable home office furniture that fits any home style

In our online shop, you will find home office furniture in various sizes, colors, and materials, as well as decorations and accessories to tailor the furnishings to your individual needs. White office furniture doesn't have to be boring. Beautiful plants and artwork on the walls can create fantastic accents in a white home office. Wooden office furniture gives a natural and durable look. Exotic woods with interesting textures and colors can create a particularly inviting and cozy atmosphere. Metal office furniture is also very popular because it blends well with the surroundings and can complement many different home styles. Whatever you're looking for, we offer the right furniture for every room and every taste.

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