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Modern and affordable computer and writing desks by ok-living

Computer and writing desks not only enhance the overall look of your workspace but also make daily screen work more comfortable. With a suitable desk, the keyboard and monitor are positioned at an ideal working height. Additionally, a modern desk provides ample space for office supplies and technical accessories.

Writing and computer desks for organization in your home office

Writing desks were originally designed for office work with pen and paper, while computer desks are adapted to the requirements of modern screen-based work. They provide space for laptops or monitors. Those working with the latter often require models with room for a keyboard, screen, and speakers. Keyboard trays, surfaces for a PC tower, or monitor stands can help organize the workspace.

In our online shop, you will find a wide selection of desks in various designs and styles. You can choose from simple desks with or without drawers or compartments, corner desks in many colors, wall-mounted desks, compact desks without accessories, or large desk systems that offer everything you need for your home office.

Buying computer desks – benefits, designs, and colors

Corner desks are ideal for small spaces as they make the most of the available space. In small corner desks, a well-thought-out design helps keep everything organized. In addition to corner options, we also offer simple models in various sizes. From extra-large gaming desks to space-saving, affordable computer desks, there is something for everyone. The size of the work surface and the number of compartments and drawers depend on your own work requirements and the available space. You can find desks in various colors and styles, including:

  • Desks in black, white, and high-gloss white
  • Desks in anthracite, anthracite Sonoma, and anthracite white
  • Desks in antique wood-look, concrete-look, and concrete-look white
  • Desks in wood-look, beech, and oak

When buying an office desk, you can benefit from numerous advantages. It provides a straight view of the screen and allows for an upright sitting position. Technology, peripheral devices, and essential office items are conveniently located in one place. Accessories can be neatly stored in drawers and closed compartments, while pull-out trays and a monitor stand create more free space on narrow desks. Additionally, the special design and included elements help bring structure to your work routine.

Where is the best place to put a desk

When you're thinking about buying a desk, the available space is crucial in choosing the right desk. If you're ordering a new desk online from our shop, you can choose between corner desks or simple models in various sizes and colors. Ideally, the desk should be placed at a 90° angle to the window. This prevents annoying screen glare from the window. Otherwise, writing and computer desks can also be placed against a wall or in a room corner. This makes it easier to hide the necessary cables. If your workspace is in the living room or bedroom, a desk with drawers can help create a tidier environment. If you don't have space for a large desk with numerous compartments and drawers but still need storage for documents, you can use filing cabinets and roll containers from our range.

When buying a new computer desk, besides size and optimal placement, you should also consider the material. If you spend a lot of time at the desk, it's essential to choose surfaces that are easy to maintain. Materials like powder-coated metal, plastics like melamine, or glass are easy to wipe clean. If there's a spill during eating or drinking, it can be easily cleaned up

What to consider before making a purchase

If you're looking to order your new, modern, and high-quality computer desk online, then ok-living is the right place for you! But what should you consider before making the purchase? It's important that the new desk meets your requirements in terms of functionality, shape, material, and appearance. If you work with a desktop computer, you'll need enough space for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The desk's height should allow for a healthy sitting and working posture. For optimal seating comfort and as a complement to your new desk, you can also find suitable office and gaming chairs in our online shop. Additionally, you should consider the location where the desk will be placed in the future, as it will determine whether you need a small corner desk or an extra-wide variant. Lastly, it's advantageous if the design matches the room and the rest of the furniture. Whatever type of desk you desire, you're sure to find it at ok-living!

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