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Order practical office containers online


Purchase flexible and practical office roll containers online at ok-living

A roll container is a practical piece of furniture for storing your belongings in your home office or other spaces. It gets its name from the four wheels attached to its base, which provide great flexibility. Office roll containers offer storage space for files, notepads, books, hole punchers, planners, and many other items you need while working at your desk.

They are not only the ideal storage furniture for your home office or workspace but also for children's and teenagers' rooms and anywhere you need organized storage. A roll container can easily be placed under or beside a desk. They are also versatile in other rooms such as hallways, bathrooms, or kitchens, where you need a practical and flexible storage solution to keep things organized. At ok-living, we offer affordable models in various colors and designs.

Create order at your workplace with a new flexible office roll container from ok-living

A tidy workplace enables focused, structured, and productive work. You can start working right away without the need to clean up first. Many items, such as pens, tape, erasers, scissors, and paper clips, often clutter the desk. Eventually, they get buried under stacks of notepads, files, and textbooks, making it difficult to find what you need. This lack of organization disrupts your concentration.

An office roll container for your workspace, children's room, or teenager's room provides an excellent solution. A rolling container offers a combination of functionality and flexibility while bringing structure to your workspace. It provides ample storage space for your office supplies, files, folders, and textbooks. There is also enough space on top of the cabinet for a printer, allowing you to free up your desk for better lighting. Create a comfortable environment because a tidy desk exudes calm and tranquility.

Office roll containers in various sizes and colors

Roll containers are highly flexible, allowing you to easily move this functional piece of furniture from one place to another. With brakes on two out of four wheels, you can securely position it where you want. Our functional and affordable office roll containers have an open design. ok-living offers various models that enhance your space with designs and simple colors like white, natural wood, or anthracite, fitting into any style.

If you opt for an office container with one compartment, the size is 36.8 × 42.4 × 30.8 cm (W × H × D). If you prefer a roll container with two adjacent compartments, the size is 72 × 42.4 × 30.8 cm (W × H × D). In both pieces of furniture, you have the option to place our collapsible boxes in various colors. If you need a larger model with more flexibility for customization, the roll container with two adjustable shelves and five compartments, measuring 59.4 × 72 × 52.6 cm (W × H × D), is the right choice. This model is a true space-saving wonder, where files, textbooks, and small items can be neatly and orderly stored. Access from two sides is convenient with this model.

Office roll containers and other furniture for your home office

Roll containers are versatile pieces of furniture. They are a suitable solution for storing and organizing your office supplies at your workspace or desk in a children's or teenager's room. At the same time, they can serve equally well in the hallway with our practical collapsible boxes for storing scarves, gloves, or hats, in the kitchen for dishes or other kitchen utensils, and in the bathroom for your towels. When choosing an office roll container, you should clarify in advance where the piece of furniture will be placed, what design, material, and color you prefer, and select the appropriate size accordingly. White provides a clean, simple look, anthracite has an industrial character, wood colors create a natural and cozy atmosphere.

Our roll containers are coated to protect against external influences, and the paintwork ensures high durability. If you need more space besides an office roll container to store your items and files, our filing cabinets and office cabinets are great options. Perhaps you require a new desk or office chair. Take a look at our fantastic gaming furniture as well. You're sure to find what you need in our online shop.

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