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Pallet cushion set "Flocken", Blue, 120 x 80 cm 3 parts, Vicco


Product number: 425142190100105

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Product information "Pallet cushion set "Flocken", Blue, 120 x 80 cm 3 parts, Vicco"
  • Our Pallet sofa cushions "Flocken" are a good decision for any home, offering an optimal design and stylish look. Their easy-to-use and universal features make them a fun addition to your space.
  • Outdoor cushions with finished solution at a glance, convenient and attractive design. Perfect for outdoor relaxation.
  • DIMENSIONS: The complete pallet furniture has 3 parts. All detailed sizes are indicated in the photos.
  • MATERIAL: The pallet padding consists of durable and weather-resistant polyester.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 3x pallet cushions, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Transform your patio into a cozy and inviting space with the Flocken Pallet Cushion Set. Its innovative design allows you to create attractive pallet sofas with ease. The outdoor cushions and pallet padding ensure both comfort and durability, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor living area. Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon, the Flocken Pallet Cushion Set provides the finishing touch to your outdoor oasis. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors in style.


Technical data:


120 x 80 x 15 cm (WxHxD)


Net weight without package:
6.01 kg.

Gross weight incl. package:
7 kg.


SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 3x pallet cushions, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Colour: blue
Model: Classic
Set size: Set of 3
Width: 120cm
Height: 80cm
Length: 15cm
Weight: 6.01kg

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1 - 10 of 537 reviews

June 27, 2022 12:11

small beach house.

I am totally thrilled with the price/performance ratio, the colour and quality, the selection, the fast, unproblematic delivery and the friendly service. Beautiful cushions for the pallet sofa in our little beach house.

May 11, 2022 09:48

Super comfortable, good feeling when sitting and lying down

My husband received this gift for his 50th birthday from me and the children. (All built by myself in the wind and weather - in March/April it was still very wet and cold here in the north !!!!) The light blue colour goes well with the white palettes !!!!. And now that the sun is shining more often and it's warmer, the 4 of us are lying on the sofa together 😊.

June 2, 2022 13:32

You can only support such quality.

Great quality, does not sag, even after the rain still top ! Sits very comfortably because the cushions simply have a certain thickness and are not as thin as other manufacturers. Here you never have the feeling of sitting on the pallet. Attention, especially during relaxed evenings, the danger of falling asleep is very high!)

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