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Pool heater solar heating solar pool heater absorber swimming pool 70 x 300


Product number: 426044923575305

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Product information "Pool heater solar heating solar pool heater absorber swimming pool 70 x 300"
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Extend your bathing season!

With your new collector, you can heat up your pool while also saving both energy and money. With solar heating, you can heat your pool faster, the heat lasts longer and you can reduce your expenses.

The solar heating mats can be assembled (also in series) on roofs or simply placed on an already existing surface, e.g. on the lawn.

You can enjoy your heated pool without extra energy costs.

With the illustrated assembly instructions included, construction is very easy!


Technical data




70 x 300 (WxL)

Please note the following guidelines for the filter pump systems:

2,000 L cartridge filter pump: max. 1 collector

3,000 L cartridge filter pump: max. 2 collectors

5,678 L cartridge filter pump: max. 3 collector

9,400 L cartridge filter pump: max. 4 collector

15,000 L cartridge filter pump: max. 4 collector

Sand filter system 5.5 m³: max. 5 collectors

Sand filter system 7.0 m³: max. 6 collectors


Scope of delivery

• Solar heating mat including assembly equipment

Note: Decoration is not included.
Colour: black
Width: 7cm
Height: 3cm
Length: 300cm
Weight: 5kg

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May 31, 2022 14:21

Roll up, connect, done.

I'm totally surprised, I wouldn't have thought that these things could heat up so much more water. In previous years, our pool only managed 23-25°. Since the beginning of May, with the heating, we've been at 27-29°. If it does get too hot in the pool, set the 3-way valve so that most of the water is diverted from the heater.

May 31, 2022 14:20

Finally a warm pool

Probably exaggerated for my small 5 square metre pool... but the effect is great: even at 25°C outside temperature (and nights below 20°C) I have 31°C and more in the pool in the afternoon. Last year, I was rarely able to use the pool, despite the nice weather, because it was simply too cold. Those days are over now. And without any additional operating costs, because the pump has to run anyway for cleaning.

May 31, 2022 14:19

It works, the water gets warm.

We have installed the pool heater on a garden shed roof. The normal filter pump could not manage the height of 2.50 m. We therefore connected a submersible pump. Therefore, we connected a submersible pump. The installation was very easy. A warming was noticed. Therefore, there is a purchase recommendation and also the full stars.

May 31, 2022 14:17

Simple pool heater

The pool heater is intended to take some of the load off the electric heater in my whirlpool (~800L). I installed the pool heater on a concrete flat roof. I last measured the temperature on the surface of the roof when the sun was shining and it was 51 degrees. The air temperature was about 28 degrees at that time. During the installation of the pump, the pool heater was already filled with water. After a few minutes, I switched the pump on again and hot water arrived at the other end. During normal flow, the water was heated (subjective estimate given my circumstances) 2-3 degrees as it passed through. +: Product is easy to install. Connections are plugged into the heater and secured by twisting on a locking lug. Sealing rings are also included. I was particularly thrilled that hose clamps were included. -: The workmanship of the product looks cheap in some places (see pictures). Doesn't limit the function, but still not nice. It is also a pity that the package does not include any brackets to fix the heater to the ground, so you have to buy them separately. During the last storm, I was able to pick up the pool heater from the front garden. The endurance test will show how well the plastic copes with the sun on the roof.

May 31, 2022 14:18

Great product

I ordered this for my father, who is a plumber, so it was easy for him to install. It has been in operation for about 2 weeks and the temperatures in the pool are rising quickly. Pool is with approx. 70 000 litres of water

May 31, 2022 14:21

Worthwhile purchase

The mat works and provides noticeably warmer water at the inflow in the pool. One reviewer writes that the mat stays cold despite the blazing sun. That is also logical when water runs through it. For mounting on a roof, the fixing set should be ordered as well. Despite all my efforts, I couldn't get the connections to the hoses 100% tight. It drips a little now, but should not be a problem with 7500 litres of water. Nevertheless, 1 star deduction for this. For a larger pool, I would use at least two mats in order to have adequate heating capacity, especially in the transitional periods. Addendum 06.06.19 No problems so far. The mat is stored in the cellar during the winter. I also got the connections tight by wrapping them several times with wide insulating tape before pushing the hose over them. This year we didn't set up our pool until the beginning of June because the weather and temperatures in May weren't great. The pool stood for two days and the water was at a pleasant bathing temperature thanks to the intense sun, the solar mat and the dark Intex pool cover :) If you found this review helpful, please give me a short click on 'useful'. Thank you very much :)

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