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Pool roller , Silver, 520 cm, OK-Living


Product number: 425142190516005

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Product information "Pool roller , Silver, 520 cm, OK-Living"
  • Protect your pool with ease using our universal Pool Cover. Its optimal design makes it a good decision for any home.
  • The Solar cover roller is UV and weather-resistant, and rolls up and down with ease. Its length can be adjusted through an aluminum telescopic tube.
  • DIMENSIONS: The roll-up device has the following measurements: Width: 40 cm, Height: 140 cm, Depth: 70 cm. All detailed sizes are indicated in the photos.
  • MATERIAL: The pool accessories consists of light yet robust aluminum.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Pool reel, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Spend less time fussing over your pool and more time enjoying it with the Pool roller, . This versatile roll-up device makes pool maintenance a breeze! With its adjustable length through aluminum telescopic tube, it is suitable for all swimming pools and perfect for storing solar covers, pool covers, and other pool accessories. Its UV and weather-resistant design ensures durability for years to come, while its roll up and down mechanism allows for quick and easy usage. And when you're done, simply fold it up and put it away. Take control of your pool and make the most of your downtime with the Pool roller, .


Technical data:


40 x 140 x 70 cm (WxHxD)


Net weight without package:
10.01 kg.

Gross weight incl. package:
11 kg.


SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Pool reel, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Colour: Silber
Width: 70cm
Height: 20cm
Length: 40cm
Weight: 11kg

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Very good




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June 1, 2022 16:12

Unbeatable for the price.....

I ordered this retractor for the pool because it is very cheap and wanted to see what I could get for such a price. The reel is well made and can be assembled quickly with normal manual skills (anyone who can assemble an Ikea wardrobe can also do this). The technique of the adjustable (retractable) rod is good and can be turned well if you - which I did not do on my first attempt - really tighten the screws. Our pool cover (8x4m oval) is super easy to roll up with it. The fastening tapes themselves are good, but they are not really easy to attach to the film - especially when you have to fold the film to attach the tapes. After I had pressed the clips onto the fold (which really only works with pliers), I put a pop rivet through the clip to prevent it from opening again (a small stainless steel screw would also do). You can feel the price here. However, I do not believe that there are other fastening straps (clips) that are better. (Experience with my first pool cover). All in all recommendable and therefore 5 stars

June 1, 2022 16:13

Very good part__

The reel has been in use for 4 weeks now. Delivery and packaging OK. Everything is available. The description is not ideal, but with a bit of tinkering it can be done in an hour. I have also fixed the clamps for the tarpaulin with screws so that they cannot spring open. If someone writes that the double-sided adhesive tapes would fall off, I can't understand that. The belts are additionally wrapped around the shaft twice and fixed with super glue to be on the safe side, so nothing can come loose. So good, stable quality and, with a little tinkering, absolutely recommended!

June 1, 2022 16:16

Good, easy to assemble!!!

The retractor is easy to assemble on its own the instructions are in German, overall very good workmanship, I will be using it in about 4 weeks.

June 1, 2022 16:16

-price-performance very good-

Set up was easy, pool roller arrived super on time. Stability is good, but still five stars on everything due to functionality....

June 1, 2022 16:14

Well made, stable!!!

Overall, the roll-up is quite stable and well made. The supplied instructions have been translated from some language into German, sometimes they talk about a raised bed instead of a roller (...?), but with the illustrated instructions you can assemble it without any major problems. For our 4m wide pool I had to set the minimum length of the retractor - less is not possible, i.e. even with a pool width of 3m, the over 4m long retractor must be set up next to it. The reel has been standing by the pool for a few weeks now, nothing squeaks, no signs of rust and it works perfectly. At the very beginning, when you start to roll up the pool liner and the resistance is still relatively high, the reel tilts a little to the side. You then have to place your foot slightly on the axle of the wheels, but this is not a problem. I would definitely recommend the reel. If you are thinking of buying a cheaper plastic reel, I would advise against it: the reel should not be less stable or the reel axle should not sag.

June 1, 2022 16:15


also suitable for round pool with some tinkering. The plastic clips for the foil holder are only suitable for very thin foil. I sawed off the clips and replaced them with stainless steel screws. This way you can also clamp thicker solar foil (the kind with bubbles). Someone has really put some thought into this.

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