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Room divider white 11 compartments Vicco


Product number: 425142192079805

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Product information "Room divider white 11 compartments Vicco"
We have been one of Europe"s largest online retailers and

passionate specialists in the furniture and home décor sector for more than 15 years.

The furniture developed by us in Germany combines high design standards with

cost-efficient production and high-quality materials.

With more than 130 employees and 6 branches around the world

we offer a broad range of product solutions and exceptional furniture ideas with a feel-good factor.

A practical and decorative shelf with 11 spacious compartments in white, concrete, Sonoma and black finishes.

This shelf can be used for any living area and can also serve as a room divider.

It can be beautifully decorated and creates a homely atmosphere in any living room.

Modern design meets a lot of space here and at an unbeatable price into the bargain. There is plenty of room for books, plants and all your decorative items.

Assembly is very easy with the help of the illustrated assembly instructions included in delivery!

Technical data




Total: 103.9 x 143 x 29 cm (WxHxD)

Compartments: 32.5 x 29 cm (WxD)


35 kg


Body: Chipboard, 16 mm, melamine coating


- 11 compartments

- 6 feet that are kind to the floor

- Includes wall bracket

Scope of delivery

• 1 room divider with 11 compartments

The decoration is not included
Colour: white
Width: 29cm
Height: 14.3cm
Weight: 35kg

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4.6 out of 5 stars






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Very good




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April 27, 2022 10:51

Good product.

The shelf arrived very quickly. It was very simple to put together - I didn't need to ask my husband. The pre-drilled holes were all perfect and the accessories complete. Of course, the finish of the various components is not very high quality. But the price-performance ratio is definitely correct. In the office, it makes a very good impression of stability.

April 27, 2022 10:45

For the money, it's perfect

I have to say I was quite sceptical at first, as I have seen some really disgusting things in this price range. But this is not the case here. The quality is very good, although I must say that the edges could have been broken up better here and there. But these are things you can scratch with your fingernail without destroying the coating. For the assembly, it would be better to have manual skills. Of course, you can do it without, but it's much more complicated, because the instructions don't say how to screw something in and when so that it doesn't fall over. As a trained carpenter, I didn't have any problems. The screws went in well, nothing was too tight, and it's really stable. The only downside is the little plastic feet that have to be screwed in. This is not possible without pre-drilling and is therefore a bit more complicated. Otherwise, the screws keep slipping until they are screwed in tight enough to grip. But there too, no problem. You can simply leave them out. That way you have one less shelf under which annoying dust forms.

April 27, 2022 10:43

Nice shelf, stable, does not smell.

I am very pleased with the shelf. It arrived well packaged and undamaged at my home. The edges were protected with polystyrene. Assembly is very easy. For this type of shelf, you only have to take into account that the inside has to be screwed in first and the frame only comes later - but that's also what the instructions (which are similar to the Swedish one) say. The holes are self-explanatory, so I didn't need the instructions. Of course, you shouldn't force the screws, because something always comes out, regardless of the manufacturer. All parts, screws and dowels were complete. I thought the feet (small white pads) would be different, but it doesn't matter. I only screwed in 6 glides, not 8. Under each vertical board, that's where the load comes in, so I found that sufficient. The shelf is stable and looks very solid. It is definitely more solid than the Swedish cube series, of which I also have a few here. The smell of the wood is discreet, so I hope it doesn't give off a huge amount of solvent. I'm a bit critical about this, I've received more stinky stuff from X.L. and P..o ;-) I will probably buy another Vicco model and everything went well with the seller, Oskar Kinderland.

April 27, 2022 10:52

Even though I have two left hands...

... we were able to assemble the shelf quite quickly. We were lucky with the delivery, because all the necessary parts, screws etc. were present and all the holes were well fitted. So the shelf is now quite stable and looks really good. Well, the appearance is of course a matter of taste. So let me put it this way: it lived up to all expectations. It only had a small defect on one side. But this is facing the wall, so it's not a problem. And I won't take away a star for this little detail, because I'm still completely satisfied.

April 27, 2022 10:48

Goods delivered in 2 packages on different days

The item was delivered by dpd. Unfortunately, neither the distributor nor the numbering on the first package indicated that the shelf was delivered in two packages. At first I was missing the top and bottom boards. It was only after I contacted the dealer that I received the indication that the delivery was in two packages. However, they were delivered on different days. I find it a bit inconvenient if you can only assemble the product halfway. The assembly is well explained. You can assemble it yourself without any problems.

April 27, 2022 10:55

Great shelf and easy to assemble

Really easy to assemble. Just one type of screw that tightens the whole shelf with a hex screw crank. It was even fun to assemble the shelf, I left out the confusing instructions. The shelf itself gives a solid impression. Unfortunately I had a small fault and the white coating flaked off, but I'm still satisfied. This can happen when you have furniture sent to you by parcel post :)

May 20, 2022 09:18

Very good quality.

We ordered the room divider 2x, each for a children's room. Simple and quick to assemble.

April 27, 2022 10:58

VICCO Room divider 11 compartments (white)

It is probably an imitation or a licensed IKEA construction. This can be seen from the fittings (accessory bag). The same applies to the assembly instructions (apparently an IKEA reprint without a logo), which were printed in the wrong page sequence and then folded into a notebook. So you have to work on the sheets one after the other (not the pages of the booklet). The packaging with shock protection on all sides was top notch, no damage due to transport. The finish is typically IKEA. White matt surface with average scratch resistance. Many visible screws, which are then covered with caps. The legs supplied were NOT round and NOT black (as the item description/pictures suggest). I had white square plastic legs which are much less noticeable than in the offer photos). POSITIVE: stable, aesthetic, well packaged NEGATIVE: The surfaces are at most 0.3 mm thick with melamine resin (not 1 mm). This is clearly visible at the holes. There is therefore a fairly high risk of splintering when hit by spikes or edges.

April 27, 2022 11:00

Some nooks and crannies

The shelf looks great and for the price, it's already good. Unfortunately, some of the holes were poorly prepared. The screws did not tighten, but unscrewed before they were fully inserted. This was despite the fact that I worked with torque to avoid this. But otherwise, it's really beautiful. I don't think the stability will suffer either, but I can only say that conditionally, time will confirm it - or not. That's why I've only got three stars so far. I'm also a bit sick to my stomach at the thought of having to assemble and disassemble the shelf, for example when moving house. Since the screws have already gone through almost half of the total number, I'm afraid that the furniture can't be assembled a second time without problems. And for the price, I expect something better. Nevertheless, the shelf really does offer a lot of space, it is stable, it is elegant and, apart from the screws, it does not cause many problems during assembly. Despite the three stars, I recommend its purchase. To the seller: I had an extra screw in the package. This was bent at 45 degrees to the average height of the thread. I don't know why exactly this scrap was delivered. But I got rid of it for you. 👍🏻

April 27, 2022 11:03


For those who want to know if the shelf is stable, yes, it is very stable! Unfortunately, there is also some minor transport damage, most of which I was able to repair with a hammer, so that the damage is not noticeable. The price/quality ratio is good! 4/5 stars because the product was damaged in shipping.

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