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Tipi bed "Tipi", White, 80x160 cm, Vitalispa


Product number: 425142194332205

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Product information "Tipi bed "Tipi", White, 80x160 cm, Vitalispa"
  • This wooden bed for kids' room is a good decision for any home with its optimal design and stylish look.
  • Kids' tipi bed encourages imagination, creativity and adds a highlight to a child's room with its high quality design.
  • DIMENSIONS: The house bed for the kids fits a mattress of 80x160 cm and has a height of 150,1 cm. All detailed sizes are indicated in the photos.
  • MATERIAL: The play bed consists of natural beech wood.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Tipi bed, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Transform your child's room into a magical wonderland with our Tipi bed. This wooden bed not only offers a cozy place for your kid to sleep but doubles as a play area to spark their imagination and creativity. Your child can play make-believe and have their own little hideaway with the Tipi bed. It's a high-quality piece of furniture that will last for years and become the highlight of your children's room. With different versions and finishes, you can find the perfect Tipi bed to match your child's personality and style. Get ready for bedtime stories and dreamy adventures with the Tipi bed!


Technical data:


80 x 150.1 x 160 cm (WxHxD)

Wood (beech)

Net weight without package:
20.01 kg.

Gross weight incl. package:
21 kg.


SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Tipi bed, Assembly instructions, Assembly material
Colour: white
Width: 168cm
Height: 150.1cm
Length: 86cm
Weight: 20.01kg

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Very good




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May 30, 2022 14:53

Huge quality at a small price

The bed was delivered within a few days and we were surprised at how solidly and cleanly it was made. Expected pressboard, got glued solid wood. For the price?!? Not bad! All holes were pre-drilled cleanly and precisely, everything fitted, nothing was missing. I have received worse products from large, expensive furniture chains. The slatted frame is not the highest quality and also without a rubber buffer, but you can replace it if necessary. It's enough for our purposes for now. It took about 30 minutes to assemble with two people and a cordless screwdriver with an Allen bit, including a little gymnast who wanted to jump around on the boards. Price and performance/quality in relation would be 6 stars appropriate.

May 30, 2022 14:55

Cool tent bed with good price-performance ratio

We like this bed! We have been using it for about 1 year now and our daughter (almost 3) sleeps well in it. Yes, the frame on top is a bit wobbly and you shouldn't hang on it. And yes, the slatted frame should be firmly mounted. However, we could not understand the squeaking. I set it up on my own without a second person and it went quite smoothly. And for the price, it's simply a great "starter bed" for toddlers.

May 30, 2022 15:02

Exactly what we were looking for

Positiv: - solid beech glued wood, lacquered, smooth and cleanly sanded - cute design - Assembly instructions understandable - good price-performance ratio - free and fast shipping not so positive : - Fascia caps for the screw connections do not hold - The top of the bed is fixed exclusively with dowels and glue, there is no screw connection at this point. Despite all the care taken, the glue could not be applied very cleanly, as it inevitably runs through some of the transverse holes. - 5 protective caps for the battens were missing, we improvised Assembly for an experienced craftsman alone a bit tricky, took about 1h, but then it stands firmly and nothing squeaks or creaks. The cot in 70x140cm is really lovely to look at. The most important thing: our little one loves it and because of the low lying surface the danger of falling out is obsolete. It can also be easily and wonderfully decorated with fairy lights, curtains, etc. to make a cuddly den.

May 30, 2022 14:52

Super good house bed for less money

It got there a day early. Super quality All the tools you need, EVEN THE WOODEN GLUE (which sticks super well, even on skin) 😂super. The bed is for my son who has turned three, he was very happy. I can only recommend it for the price and will buy it for my other two children too. Thank you for the product super

May 30, 2022 14:54

Great bed with many design options

We bought this bed for our daughter. After she was too small for her baby bed, this bed is the ideal successor because it is really flat. The little one loves this bed. And it's no problem if mum or dad lie in it too. Because it is really flat, falling out is not really a problem. Moreover, you can design it really creatively... as a cave or just a light chain. We can only recommend this bed. Stable and really beautiful.

May 30, 2022 15:07

Great quality at a low price

A beautiful bed... Very high quality wood, well made - unbeatable for this price. One star deduction because the slatted frame is screwed into the bed and it creaks a lot due to the tension of the screws when turning around in the bed, no matter what weight class ;-) (the screws were not tightened too much or loosened a bit after the first night) but it will get better with time... as a housewife, I also have to criticise the fact that you can't vacuum under the bed - you have to lift the mattress and go between the slats with the pipe :-/

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