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pallet bed 90x200 Natur VitaliSpa


Product number: 425142195212605

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Product information "pallet bed 90x200 Natur VitaliSpa"
VitaliSpa has a large selection of proven bed products, which can be complemented with the new trend products: from foam mattresses to spring mattresses, from toppers to slatted frames. Constant experience and a firm positioning in the bed linen, children’s and household linen segment speak for themselves. Late sleepers or early risers – VitaliSpa lets you sleep better!

Pallets are all the rage and you are just one click away from lying on them soon too!
Whether it’s a stylish loft character or minimalist elegance, these pieces of furniture blend seamlessly into almost any interior design and also enrich the ambience of your home. Get the do-it-yourself look for your bedroom.

Assembly is very easy with the help of the illustrated assembly instructions included in delivery!


Technical data

Natural wood

Pallet bed: 90/100/120/140/180/200 x 13.7 x 200 cm (WxHxL)

Pallet bed: 90 = 18 kg / 100 = 19 kg / 120 = 25 kg / 140 = 26 kg / 160 = 27 kg / 180 = 30 kg / 200 = 34 kg
Headboard: 9 / 11 kg

Natural pine wood, 19 mm

– Load capacity: max. 200 kg

Dimensions: 200 x 20 x 140/160 cm (WxHxD) | Materials: Cold foam core, 7 zone cut, microfibre cover


Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery

•1 pallet bed as building kit
• 1 mattress

The decoration is not included.
Colour: wood
Width: 90cm
Height: 13.7cm
Length: 200cm
Weight: 18kg

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May 9, 2022 10:35

Product good, shipping not so good

A good product in itself. Unfortunately, it was sent in several deliveries, and we waited 5 days for package 2. Very annoying.

May 9, 2022 10:34

Very stable

This bed is very stable and also very beautiful. Unfortunately, in the end, we needed 2 wooden slats to finish it.

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